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How fast is the fast charging of the new iPhone?

Comparison of the fastest methods to charge the iPhone

In the iPhone News Telegram chat, there are many followers who ask us, again and again, which is the best charger to take advantage of the fast charging of new iPhone models via cable or through the wireless charging system . At the moment and until the arrival of iOS 11.2, wireless charging of the new iPhone is limited to 5w, but when this next update is released for all users, the limitation will be set at 7.5w, which will reduce the charging time through a wireless charger, but not incredible way, if we want to take advantage of it we have to resort to the traditional way, via cable.

But in addition to cable, we need a higher power charger, as is the case with the 29w MacBook charger. In addition, it is necessary to have a USB-C cable to lightning, which the investment increases, since through a normal USB cable, we cannot take advantage of the full power of the charger to transfer it to the iPhone charging system. All this is very good, but the really important thing is to see how long it takes to charge the iPhone with a higher power charger.

The MacRumors guys have posted a video on their Twitter account, where we can see how with the 29w charger of the MacBook with USB-C connection to lightning. In an hour, The battery level of the iPhone goes from 4% to 81%. However, if we use the charger that comes with the iPhone, in the same period of time, the charge level will go from 4% to 35%, a very wide difference not to take advantage of it if on more than one occasion we need to charge Quickly our iPhone and we do not want to use portable batteries, which in the end are a nuisance more than anything else.

In Amazon we can find a USB-C lightning cable for 12 euros, which together with the 46w Aukey charger, which costs 39 euros, the total investment to take advantage of the fast charging of the new iPhone models barely exceeds 50 euros. If we choose to go through the Apple box, the price of the set soars up to approximately 80 euros.

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