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Foxconn may be working on the wireless charging of the iPhone 8


However, it is not clear that the wireless charging module can arrive in 2017 as it has to pass Apple satisfaction levels, that is, or works perfectly or does not integrate on the next iPhone. Apple distributes millions of iPhone every four-month period, and the “10th Anniversary” is expected to have an even greater demand, so Apple can’t play it to get a model that doesn’t work 100% completely.

Sources cite that wireless charging could be limited to the most premium model as they have done now with the dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus. He also reiterates that OLED screens would only reach this premium model in the same way, presumably, the “Plus” model.

The integration of wireless charging into the iPhone has been rumored for several years but until now (supposedly) the technology had not materialized. Wireless charging arrived alongside the Apple Watch in 2015 with an induction system that is relatively slow to load the device, something that Apple could not allow with an iPhone when many users want their device to quickly charge.

Despite all the rumors, Apple has not revealed its future plans regarding wireless charging on the iPhone, but evidence suggests that it is working on a technology to charge the device to long distance (without wires and being able to use the mobile). In addition, the hiring of two experts from the uBeam company, which is dedicated to the technology with ultrasonic waves to charge the devices, shows that wireless charging is something that Apple is interested without a doubt.

As always, we have to wait until next September to see what the apple boys show us.

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