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Foxconn again involved in a matter of exploitation of people

Foxconn again involved in a matter of exploitation of people

Employees in the Foxconn assembly line

It is not the first time that Foxconn appears in the media for issues related to the exploitation of people or illegally using workers. In this case, what a report published in some media shows shows that Foxconn used about 3,000 students to increase production of the new iPhone models, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X.

In this sense it is important to clarify that the company does not work solely with Apple, but it is one of the main suppliers of the brand and therefore they always receive audits from Cupertino's own company so that the legal regulations on employees who in They work. After reading the report it is shown that these students aged between the 17 and 19 years were forced or pressured to work more hours than legal if they wanted to get their graduation …

In principle the hours made by these students are not contemplated within the current legality of the company, since A maximum of 40 hours per week can be made and they performed 11 hours per day for three months. Apple and Foxconn, have also been responsible for officially communicating that all these people had their compensation for the hours spent, but in no case should they have done them.

The news jumped to the media after the report published by FT, now Foxconn and Apple confess that several employees made illegal overtime to meet the demand of companies, in this case for the iPhone X. The origin or motives that have led all these students to spend more hours than they can legally do is unknown, but some media claim that the pressures of the schools themselves on them with not getting the graduation of studies is on the table. Several students claim that they were forced by the colleges and that In many cases their studies have nothing to do with technology.

It is true that we had been without this kind of news for a long time and everything is due to the great work done by both Foxconn and Apple, but it is inevitable when the pressures to both companies are so strong and that is why This is bad news, very bad. Now it is important to clarify what happened and continue performing audits in these companies to avoid more cases like these. In short, it is very difficult to control what Foxconn does in its assembly lines since the use is very different from everything we know here, but you have to keep working hard so that this does not happen..

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