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Few weeks left for Apple to decide the fate of the Touch ID

Apple may opt for TouchID under the screen in China

This topic is an open secret. Apple has spent a small bump with its new iPhone 8 that will be released in September this year. The biometric sensor, the Touch ID, has been a headache for the big apple because of the design they want to give to their new smartphone.

The options are several, but according to the latest analysis Apple should be decided in a short time If you want the production to be ready by the end of September and start the sales of your new device. They probably have already done so, but the Touch ID will not have let more than one Apple engineer sleep.

Time plays against: the decision of the Touch ID

Andy Hargreaves, one of the analysts who has had more information regarding the new iPhone, alleges that Apple has a month to order the Touch ID componentsIf you do not, you would have two options: delay the launch of the iPhone or discard the integration of the sensor in the front of the terminal, inside the glass.

(…) If Apple is able to solve its fingerprint problems and place orders for fingerprint printed circuits before August, it is likely that it can reach the expected production volume by the end of October or beginning of November. We believe this is still Apple's preferred path, and we expect it to be acceptable to both consumers and shareholders. It is not clear if Apple will be able to solve the problem in this time frame.

Another interesting fact that Hargreaves comments is that if finally the Touch ID is not available on the iPhone 8 facial unlocking will not be enough for the login. On the other hand, he affirms that a delay in the production and sale of the device would not throw back investors in the face of the fiscal quarter, which would give a break to those of Cupertino, as long as the keynote shows all the news of the new device .

Adding to this report we receive new leaks and images every week that correspond to the analyzes we see on a daily basis, which may mean that the leaks could be closer to reality.

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