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Emmanuel Macron, poses with his two iPhone in the official photo

Emmanuel Macron, poses with his two iPhone in the official photo

This is something that is not usually seen or that we can already advance that has never been seen in an official photo of a new president in any country. The wink that Emmanuel Macron does, goes beyond Apple, wants his country to progress in technological terms, startups, to invest in new technologies and for that He makes it clear with the official photo.

It is not a coincidence by any means and it is that the new president of our neighboring country Emmanuel Macron, has very clear the path he has to choose and therefore leaves this photo in which he shows in addition to the book, the two flags, of France and Europe, his two iPhone.

This is the official photo in which you can see the two iPhone on the table just to touch:

The new president prepares the table for the photo and is not unconsciously leaving the devices on top of each other, He leaves them expressly so that they appear as you can see in the video posted on the official Twitter account of the communication consultant and media manager, Sibeth Ndiaye.

France is always one of the countries that strives and works hard for its citizens and in this case it seems that technology will have a greater role during the term of Emmanuel Macron. During the previous campaign it was already noted that Macron wanted a change in this regard and now it is certified by leaving the two iPhone on the table for the official photo.

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