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Do you use HomeKit? Now Apple shows you how it works in the Apple Store

Do you use HomeKit? Now Apple shows you how it works in the Apple Store

In the keynote he celebrated Apple in 2014 during WWDC HomeKit was launched. At that time we were in iOS 8 and many users were not clear about the new concept of home automation that Apple was implementing with this tool.

Home automation was quite expensive and we were not all sure that this new functionality would reach all users, but it is true that if it does not become Apple, I personally would not have tried products related to home automation in those times. In my opinion, only the most “geeks” were interested in this technology when those of Cupertino got in, but it was also something expensive for most, unknown, complicated and scarce in those years.

If you have never used Homekit we recommend you as much as possible. It is really much easier to use than many people think, they are also increasingly affordable and we find more products that are adding to the home automation car for everyone. In Actualidad iPhone we have a review of products compatible with HomeKit (we will have more soon) and news, they are also Really easy to use thanks to Siri and allow us to open or close lights, in some cases doors, cameras and even add compatible devices for use as plugs, sensors, lampholders, etc …

Now Apple puts in some of its most current stores a section available to users with the possibility of using Homekit in a real simulation. In my opinion Apple takes a long time to add these demo in its stores but better late than never. In these stores we find compatible products such as the iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. For now, the first store to incorporate this section are those of United States, some from the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Mexico, Singapore and Taiwan.

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