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Dash's magic


If the wireless headphones of Bragi Dash were already a discovery. If there are headphones that can be framed within the smart line that now accompanies any device, those are the wireless Bragi Dash. However, to curl the curl more, this month's update which raises the version of your software to the version 2.2 make them already a practically magical gadget.

The Bragi OS 2.2 system activates MyTap beta on the devices. This new feature allows activate the voice assistant from the headphones of the mobile, either Siri or Google Now. With the update of the operating system, Windshield is also released. This novelty will allow users who use the headphones to listen to music and also what happens around them, without isolating themselves from the environment. In addition, it has also improved the system with which the heart rate was measured and the Bluetooth connection, which now has capacity for several users. Bragi OS 2.2 should be available to users on November 21. This beta of MyTap, in addition, presents a new feature inside. This is the new Bragi’s Kinetic User Interface, which is designed to allow its users to control almost everything without touching anything. When it is made public, on the 21st of this month, only the control over Siri and Google Now will be active, but in the following versions the ability to answer a call, reject it or change a song just by making gestures will be added .

This line of headphones, The Dash, are possibly headphones with a more ambitious idea in the market. However, this combination of quality and performance offered has a price, high, which not everyone likes. Its top model comes out at 280 dollars. On the other hand, the developers already announced last September a lower cost line, which will be around $ 150.

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