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Comparison of video editing in 4k between iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad 2018

Comparison of video editing in 4k between iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad 2018

Last week, Apple renewed, once again, the iPad range by launching a new iPad to the market, the iPad 2018, a 9.7-inch device that is compatible with the new cheap Apple Pencil called Crayon and manufactured by Logitech. One more year, it is confirmed that the 7.9-inch model is destined to disappear.

The iPad 2018, thanks to compatibility with the Apple Pencil, It is the closest thing we can find in the market to the iPad Pro 2016, a device managed by the A9x processor and the M9 coprocessor, while the iPad 2018, is managed by the A10 processor and the M10 coprocessor. Both models have 2 GB of RAM. Is it worth the change? To check it, we just have to check the speed at which it is able to process a video in 4k.

To perform the test, two videos have been used. The first one has been recorded with the iPhone X in 4k at 60 fps, while the second has been recorded at 1080 in slow motion at 240 fps. Both videos have been recorded using the H.265 compression codec which is available on iOS since the eleventh version.

To perform the test, the time it took to import the videos into the iMovie application was measured, some quick edits were made and the result was exported for Check the time taken by each of the devices.

As we can see in the video above, the time to process both videos in both 4k and 1080 is practically the same in both models, so if you were thinking of renewing your 9.7-inch iPad Pro for this new model, it is better to think twice and opt for the 10.5-inch model, a model that offers us greater power than The 2016 model.

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