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Changing the screen of an iPhone 8 in an unofficial establishment involves blocking the device

Changing the screen of an iPhone 8 in an unofficial establishment involves blocking the device

Apple offers us prices too high for any repair or maintenance that our device requires, such as a battery change. Before the controversy of the drop in performance offered with the launch of iOS 10.2.1, Apple requested 89 euros to change a sad battery, a price that with the promotion that has been applied for this year remains at 29 euros.

Last year, there were many users who checked how After changing the iPhone 7 screen, the device stopped working completely because the Touch ID also had to be replaced and reconfigured. According to some users, Apple continues to make it difficult for unauthorized third-party workshops and with the iPhone 8, but this time it is for the Touch ID that you have to change, but something more complex.

As of iOS 11.3, screens replaced by a third party are absolutely useless. On this occasion, and to ensure that users always go through the box, the device that replaces the battery has to reprogram a microchip that is responsible for verifying that the change has been made in an official establishment, forcing the establishment to update the microchip with each replacement, something that logically can not do neither them nor any other, since that technology is only found in Apple Stores.

With the iPhone 5s, something similar happened but Apple released an update to solve this problem, perhaps because it was an old device, but I doubt that with the iPhone 8 bother to help unofficial services. Apple and unofficial services have never gotten along, but they may soon have to start working together, if finally in the United States a new law that many states are promoting so that users can fix their devices in any technical service, without having to resort only to the one offered by Apple if we want to maintain the warranty.

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