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Bayern Munich plans to offer content on Apple Music

Bayern Munich plans to offer content on Apple Music

Yes, you read that right, but first of all let's focus on all agreements reached by major brands to offer their own content and that in return members, in this case of the soccer team, of the brand always use devices of the brand itself. Something that we see for example highlighted with all the agreements reached by Samsung in sporting events. On many occasions you will see events sponsored by Samsung in which all visible use Samsung devices.

Apple was not going to be left behind, and they play with the Beats brand, now owned by Apple, already had many agreements with famous brands and personalities to always wear their headphones, hence they have such fame, and not because of the quality of the same … In the end no matter how your product, if you have a good showcase you will sell. And now returning to the topic, the German professional football team, Bayern Munich has just announced that they will offer exclusive playlists and other content on Apple Music… After the jump we give you all the details.

It has all started with a renewal of the agreement that has the Bayern Munich with Beats, who is the official sponsor of the sound of the club, many of you will have seen the players of the team wearing these helmets, everything is due to the agreement of the German club with the brand of headphones. The new thing comes with Apple Music, and that is that music has played a very important role in the world of sports, helping athletes and soccer players, for example, in their training; and therefore the boys of Bayern Munich they wanted to strengthen their agreements with Beats, and now with Apple, to Offer exclusive club content on Apple Music.

Bayern Munich's first official playlist on Apple Music is already published, if you do not see it, you will have it available on your Apple Music in the next few days. but the best thing is that this is a fairly important agreement, sure it will create precedents, and why not, we all like to listen, and discover, the music that the people we follow listen to.

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