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Apple updates the AirPods to version 3.5.1

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Without any noise, without waiting for any iOS beta and without even notifying you with a small note in the Notification Center of our iPhone, Apple has just updated the AirPods to firmware 3.5.1. The update occurs completely in the background without user intervention, and we don't have any notes from Apple indicating what the changes are. What it has brought, at least in my case, is the obligation to have to reset them after the update so that they work correctly.

To know if the version of your AirPods is already updated or you should not go to the iOS Settings menu, and under General> Information, the firmware version of your AirPods will appear at the bottom, which in this case should indicate 3.5.1, provided they are connected to your device as is evident. In the case that has not yet been updated to this version, you should only be careful to place them near the iPhone, open the cover of its case to connect and leave a few minutes to see if the update occurs automatically.

After the update I have noticed that my AirPods had more problems to connect to my iPhone automatically, as well as that the playback did not stop when I removed one of them, as it should. Completely unlink them from the iPhone and reset them before re-linking them seems to have been the solution for the time being to that problem. We will see if Apple has improved one of the aspects that many users complained about: Excessive battery consumption with the AirPods at rest, inside their box, resulting in the battery of the set not lasting more than 3 days without even having used them. Another problem that caused calls to be cut off when using AirPods as hands-free was also very repeated by users. If there is any news about what this update of AirPods firmware includes, we will inform you promptly.

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