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Apple replaces help profiles with a new system

Apple replaces help profiles with a new system

Recently, Apple has changed its help system through the web for its users. Now, we no longer find the old method, but a new support tool that is reached through the “Get support” link which is accessed through Apple's Web Support. Now, users who want to use this method, will be able to check the coverage available on their Apple devices: iPhones, iPads, Macs and the entire range of the Cupertino technology giant. However, there are a notable difference with the previous system.

The new system works linked to the Apple ID, so it will only show the devices that are linked to those credentials. However, the old help and support system allowed users to consult other products, without the need for them to be linked to their Apple ID and may be owned by users other than the one making the query. This change in the management of the aid, relating it to the ID to which the devices are linked, mainly affects users who want to consult devices of other family members, since they must be entering and leaving different accounts to obtain The information sought. The key is that for Apple, users they must have only one Apple ID associated with a specific device, so now, to manage different devices without them being the same property you will have to be exchanging the Apple account from which you are consulting to access the information. Although it is not a problem of relevance, it is remarkable the number of complaints that are being generated in this regard, due to the inconvenience caused by multiple users this change made.

Apple's new support also has an option to add new products. This new system also prevents old devices that do not use iCloud from being added to the list. The list of devices associated with the Apple ID can be managed on the home page from the Apple account.

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