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Apple remains the leader of a tablet market in each continuum


The iPad leads the global tablet market, but with nuances

The tablet market, like the smartwatches market, is in the doldrums. Despite the huge differences, both experienced a period of boom, even boom, after which sales began to recede. The causes, for obvious reasons, are different. In the case of tablets, it may be the disappointment of users to not find the desired utility. That promise that they could be the substitutes of the PC seems not to arrive and in practice, they remain as devices for the consumption of content in most cases.

The latest report prepared by the IDC consultancy about tablet sales worldwide reveals that, although This market continues in clear decline with a fall of 14.7% compared to last year, Apple still remains the leader of it, and even increases its advantage over the competition. This is due, in essence, to two possible readings of the results:

  • Positive reading: Apple has sold more iPad units than its competitors.
  • The negative reading: Apple has fallen less than its competitors (which also has its positive side)

Indeed, because Although Apple maintains the leadership in the global tablet market, the truth is that its sales have also fallen. Specifically, in the third quarter of 2016 Apple has sold around 600,000 units less than iPad than during the same period of the previous year, going from 9.6 million units to 9.3 million. This, in annual values, means a 6.2% drop.

In second place Samsung, its maximum rival, which has experienced a greater drop from 8.1 million tablets sold in the third quarter of 2015 to 6.5 million in the same period of 2016. This implies that the South Korean triples the annual fall of the iPad of Apple with 19.3% less.

The biggest growth is experienced by Amazon which in one year has raised its tablet sales by 319.9%, however, the low starting figures (0.8 million units sold in the third quarter of 2015) only grant it a 1.5% share of current market.

The fourth position is for Lenovo which, like Apple and Samsun, has also experienced an annual drop, in this case, of 10.8%, leaving its market share set at 6.0% worldwide.

Finally, Huawei It occupies the fifth position, with an annual growth of 28.4% and a participation in the global tablet market of 3.7%.

And what is the situation within the iPad range?

With the iPad range there is an apparent contradiction that we saw during the previous quarter. Although the sales of the iPad Pro have allowed to increase the benefits coming from the iPad family due, basically, to their higher prices, this IDC report indicates that iPad Air and iPad mini shipments accounted for around two thirds of the total during the fourth fiscal quarter.

On this aspect it is necessary to point out that it is not official data since Apple does not disaggregate the sales of the iPad, but it provides data together of all the models it has for sale.

Should Apple rejoice in these figures?

Well, the answer to this question is complicated. Evidently It is an achievement to maintain the leadership of a market that has been going back years, as it is also that the sales of the iPad fall at a lower rate than the sales of the competition, which allows increasing distances. But without a doubt, the reality is that sales continue to fall and that consequently, both Apple and, in general, the rest of manufacturers, have not known, or failed to convince the consumer about the usefulness of a product such as the tablet.

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