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Apple prepares three new iPhone models with OLED displays for 2018


Once known to all that iPhone 8 will see the light public this fall, attention naturally begins to revolve around what will happen on Apple's mobile telephony during the following year, 2018. It is known by everyone also that Apple begins designing iPhones with enough time to In advance, even years, which means that preparations for what comes after the launch of the iPhone 8 are already underway. Well-informed sources of Nikkei suggest in this regard that the company led by Tim Cook will launch three new iPhone models in 2018, all of them with OLED screens.

The strategy developed by Apple has a basic point: there will always be a new iPhone model just around the corner. That way I know stimulates the growth of the company and the demand of the device in the market. As the release date of a new model is always approaching, various information comes to light that convey that Apple has changed course in the development of the new device on several occasions.

Currently and thanks to the information published by Nikkei, we know that Apple is already immersed in the planning of three new iPhone models that will be released in 2018 and which will carry OLED screen. Obviously, knowing Apple and as we said before, in advance of these plans the company could vary them in any aspect, but what is certain is that they will be launched next year. The theme of the characteristics … is already another matter.

The report says that in 2018 the three new models that will be put on the market will feature OLED screens. The 7s models that will see its launch later this year will apparently be sold until early 2019, a priori. This means that Apple will still sell iPhone models based on LCD screens for a while, but all future models will use OLED panels, according to what was published in Nikkei. In addition, putting this information in all possible quarantine and more, an earlier report that comes from The Korea Herald predicted that the future ‘iPhone 9’ would be released with two new screen sizes with OLED panels, 5.28 inches and 6.46 inches.

Not surprisingly, at the beginning of the week several information came to light that pointed out that Apple would be investing large sums of money to strengthen the LG manufacturer infrastructure, so that it could face the creation of OLED panel manufacturing plants. The screen of the new iPhone 8 of 5’8 inches will be manufactured entirely by Samsung and it is not something that Apple likes, since in this way the production of a device depends solely and exclusively on that manufacturer being able to provide on time the component, in this case screens, which it has in charge. For the next models of the company based in Cupertino, manufacturing should not depend on a single supplier and this is what Apple's investment in LG responds to.

Apple needs to increase the industry's ability to provide OLED panels if it wants to pass its full range of devices to these types of screens. Until then, you cannot leave LCD technology if He doesn't want to risk not being able to supply his audience on time. You cannot risk launching all OLED display devices and their manufacturers cannot manufacture the necessary amount of screens to meet the strong market demand. It would create an unprecedented stock break at Apple and, beware, we are talking about a company that is expert in managing your stock masterfully. Do not forget that in each launch of an Apple product one should always count on what will be difficult to find in the market on dates close to its launch. Until Apple makes sure there is enough industrial fabric to produce OLED for its market, it will not leave the LCD. Hence, invest again and again in other companies that manufacture screens.

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