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Apple Pay stagnates again in Spain once again

Apple Pay stagnates again in Spain once again

Today we are going to talk again about the contactless payment system that Apple made available to its users in 2017 and that is still quite stagnant in the national territory (Spain) due to the low interest of banks. Certainly Apple Pay arrived in Spain by Banco Santander and Carrefour Pass but, Why months later do not continue adding new banks to the initiative? Spain is not the only country where Apple Pay is having many deployment problems, the restriction of the NFC chip and its intention to take a piece of the cake from the banks is hampering the development and integration of these types of technologies.

And although Banco Santander is a fairly popular financial institution, it is not the majority in the country. We find large banks such as Caixa Bank or BBVA that continue to turn their backs on the mobile payment platform of Cupertino. If we look at the matter with a little depth, we realize that these mentioned banks have their own contactless payment cards and platforms, yes, with the same or less deployment than Apple Pay, but at least compatible with Android devices and Your NFC chip

But nevertheless, Apple Pay is still a closed payment system, which makes banks doubt, which is why in Australia they are refusing to offer this service to their customers in bulk.

As you can imagine, Apple also takes a pinch of each transaction in the form of commissions, and although who steals a thief, has a hundred years of forgiveness, banks do not like the idea of ​​losing commissions under other platforms of payment when they have invested enough millions in theirs. In case anyone had not noticed, the deployment of Apple Pay in Spain remains completely blocked, despite taking a reasonable time in the country, in which the catalog should have already expanded. It seems that Between the greed of the banks and the agony of Tim Cook, iOS users in Spain will continue without having access to Apple Pay in full circumstances.

And not only do we stay there, we must keep in mind that the NFC has more features besides paying, Apple knows well with its AirPods. However, nothing suggests that public transport cards such as EMT Madrid.

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