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Apple patents headphones with bluetooth connection and cable


Many are users who will not welcome the removal of the jack, especially if they have invested in quality headphones whose only connection is the jack. The removal of the jack would mean not being able to use those expensive headphones again to listen to our favorite music on the iPhone, forcing us to update them for some with a lightning connection if we do not want to lose quality using a hypothetical talk from jack to lightning, assuming it was compatible. What is clear is that until the new iPhone is announced we will not be able to leave doubts.

Meanwhile, the Cupertino-based company has just received a new patent for headphones that would work via cable connection and via bluetooth connection. Although this type of headphones are not new to the market, the novelty that it offers us is that when changing the type of connection used, cable or bluetooth, the music playback would not stop at any time as if it currently happens with this type of headphones.

In addition the cable provided for listening to music, also would be used to recharge the headphones, as long as they were connected to the iPhone’s bluetooth connection, but as we see in the image above, they do not connect to the jack or the lightning port. Let’s see if in the end the jack port is not removed and what Apple does is change it. Until September we will not go out of doubt.

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