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Apple lowers iPhone prices in Japan by 10%


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Apple does not have us accustomed to discounts on the price of devices. Throughout the year of life in which they become the last model of the company for sale, the price is immovable. The price only varies when the Cupertino launch a new version of the iPhone that comes to replace the models that the company launched the previous year. From time to time and normally bound by the operation of the market, the company temporarily applies some type of discount to its devices to encourage its sale although on other occasions it also makes uploads in them to try to create a notable difference between several models.

In example of ascent we find it in the 29% increase in the iPhone 6 and 6s that India devices have experienced, to try to differentiate it from the iPhone SE, which so far had a price higher than the iPhone 6 with the same capacity. An example of price decreases can also be seen in India where a few months ago the price of all devices was lowered to motivate interested users. It is clear that Apple is experimenting too much in India with prices and that is not good for anyone, neither for Apple nor for users.

Another drop in iPhone prices is found in Japan, where Apple has announced a 10% discount on all iPhone and iPad models. This decision is not motivated by the earthquake that shook the country a few days ago but is due to currency fluctuations that in this case, are in favor of users, oddly enough. Those of Cupertino also inform that all those users who have purchased any of their solutions in the last 15 days prior to the change may request a refund of the difference with the new prices.

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