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Another video leak compares the iPhone 6s with the iPhone 7

Another video leak compares the iPhone 6s with the iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Deep Blue-7

From video to video and shot because it's my turn. It seems that the fashion of uploading videos of dubious quality comparing the new models of the iPhone will not cease. If in the past we were satisfied with poorly focused photographs and with a considerable amount of pixels as fists, today we are benefiting from high quality videos and direct comparisons between new and old iPhone. Another video filtration compares the iPhone 6s with the iPhone 7, quite similar to the previous filtration. How could it be otherwise, we bring it to you in iPhone News so you do not lose detail.

At this rate nobody is going to listen to us during the broadcast of the Keynote of presentation of the iPhone 7, since in recent years the news is leaking well before the official arrival and the presentations are becoming a mere procedure. We leave you under these lines the video so you can draw your own conclusions, although I would not have too many illusions with him.

The video has been uploaded to Weibo, and the owner shows us all the angles of an iPhone 7 compared to an iPhone 6s. We can appreciate the disappearance of the 3.5mm jack connector and little else. The camera angle is considerably larger, but does not include two lenses. The reality is that the differences are minimal, and this augurs very few sales for Apple, which has been limited to polishing the design of the iPhone 6s while we wait for the launch of the iPhone 10th Anniversary, a model that makes all Apple fans nervous .

We do not know to what extent these copies that are leaking too much are real, but the reality is that these last three years Apple has not been able to keep absolutely nothing secret. We will continue to inform about possible developments.

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