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Analysis of Eve Aqua, the irrigation controller compatible with HomeKit

Apple introduced with Home 11 the compatibility of HomeKit with automatic irrigation controllers and today we analyze one of the first models that have appeared in the market taking advantage of this new option, Eve Aqua, of the brand previously known as "Elgato".

It is a device that with a design very similar to that of conventional controllers, and a price only slightly higher, allows you to easily control the irrigation of your home with your iPhone or iPad, or Siri, but also with limitations Keep in mind.

Eve Aqua includes in the box everything you will need for installation in the house watering, including adapters for the tap and the irrigation hose, in addition to the batteries. It works with two AA batteries that give it a range of several months According to the manufacturer, since like all the accessories of this brand, they opt for low-power Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your device and the accessories center (Apple TV, iPad or HomePod).

Its installation is very simple, and you just have to screw the accessory into the tap and the irrigation hose to be able to start using it, going through the classic configuration process of any HomeKit accessory, as shown in the video that heads the Article. Unlike other occasions, where I usually indicate that the Casa app is the best for configuration, here we have to use the Eve app if we want to squeeze out the options that it offers us, which are many, and that you can see detailed in the video.

Eve for HomeKit (AppStore Link)

Eve for HomeKit

Eve Systems GmbH3.5

However, the most important limitation of this Eve Aqua comes from the hand of its Bluetooth connectivity. Such a device usually goes outside the house, and that means that it will be very easy for Apple TV or HomePod to be out of Bluetooth range, so what should be an intelligent irrigation control will become a normal irrigation controller with a mobile operation whenever you are close to it. You will take advantage of the advanced programming that the application offers you, and that is maintained even if you lose connectivity, but remote access at least in my case, is not possible because of this problem that I tell you.


Eve has launched Eve Extend, a small device that serves as a bridge and connects to your WiFi network solving the connectivity problem of accessories away from your HomeKit control unit. We have analyzed it and it solves my problems with Eve Aqua, great news. You can see the full review on this link.

Editor's Opinion

Eve Aqua is an automatic irrigation controller compatible with HomeKit that is quite similar to a conventional price and performance, but with the enormous advantage of being able to control it from your iPhone, which gives it an ease of handling that drivers usually lack normal. A problem to consider is the limited range of Bluetooth, so you may need the “Eve Extend” bridge to place it away from the HomeKit control panel. Its price is about € 92 on Amazon, similar to other “non-intelligent” models.

Eve Aqua

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€ 92

  • Eve Aqua
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  • Design and materials
  • Well designed and easy to handle application
  • Simple installation
  • It works even without connection


  • More than likely you need the Eve Extend bridge
  • Without automations or scenes
  • Limitations within HomeKit

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