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Amazon updates its application to make it faster


Applications are constantly evolving, but sometimes we look back and think if it was necessary to sacrifice stability and fluidity in exchange for new functionalities. That’s what they have thought from the Amazon development department, and that is They have given some slight touch-ups to the application that will allow Amazon users to make purchases faster and easier. This is one of the many applications that are putting the batteries, forgetting functionality without a recipient, and focusing on optimization, we assume that facing iOS 10.

We cannot fail to remember that there is little more than a month left for iOS 10 to officially reach our devices, especially our iPhone. These are the news according to Amazon:

What’s new in version 7.1.0

We have launched a new design of the Main Menu (≡) for iPhone that groups the entries into easier to find sections. When you open the app for the first time, you can slide the left margin to open the menu. We have also created a new Settings section that includes the options Log out, Notifications and Change country. The Subscribe & Save and Navigation History sections are found in My Account and Recommendations, on the home page. We will continue working to make the navigation of the app more simple and intuitive.

This version is also compatible with Apple’s WKWebView, which reduces functionality problems in the iPhone and iPad app, so you will enjoy a more fluid and stable experience.

The reality is that the application is lighter, nor in the case of WhatsApp, which days ago also promised that the chats would work faster, but sending a photograph has become an odyssey. As always, Amazon is a free application, translated into countless languages ​​and universal settings.

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