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AirPods may go on sale next week

carga AirPods

AirPods are closer than we think

An employee of authorized dealer Conrad would have told a customer that he will receive the AirPods on November 17 for sale from the 18th of the same month:

Hi. I just spoke with an employee of the Conrad online store, since I asked for some AirPods on 14 of 10 and I wanted to cancel them today. According to employee information, they will have stock on 17 of 11 and I will have them on November 18-19.

The Conrad website still says that the AirPods will be available for shipment in 7 to 8 weeks, so your employee information can only be unofficial or wrong. In any case, what he told his client can give hope to the users who are waiting Looking forward to buying the new Apple wireless headphones. Are you one of them?

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