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78.3 million iPhone sold

78.3 million iPhone sold

Apple had today an appointment that had generated great expectation, since it was going to present the fiscal results of the most important quarter of the year, which falls from the end of September until December 31, 2016. In those little more than three months they are sold the new iPhone, just launched, and there are also the strongest sales periods of the year, both Black Friday and Christmas parties. Rumors about the bad sales of the "disappointing iPhone 7" give way to reality: Apple has sold more iPhone this quarter than any other in its history, with 78.3 million units sold, beating the iPhone 6s record, which already beat the iPhone 6, 78.4 billion dollars in revenue, 13.1 million iPads sold and 5.4 million Mac for a quarter that again puts the company at the top.

The iPhone 7 shows that everything said so far has been mere speculation that little or nothing had to do with reality. The rumors about the paralysis of production, the poor reception of the markets due to their supposed little innovation and continuous design, the saturation of the smartphone markets and their little future … All that is wet paper with these record figures. But again there is a negative protagonist: the iPad. The Apple tablet not only fails to overcome but continues its unstoppable decline and is left with only 13.1 million units sold, figures that many would like but that are far from the 26 million units sold in it 2014 period.

Apple computers, however, and despite the fact that the most pessimistic assured that the few renovations that occurred in 2016 along with the problems of the new MacBook Pro were going to hamper sales, have managed to improve the figures of the previous year, remaining at 5.4 million of units sold. With all this Apple ensures that revenues from iPhone, Mac, Services and Apple Watch have been the highest in its history.

In addition to the economic data, Tim Cook has also given some more details, such as that although the iPhone 7 has been the most popular device, the demand for the iPhone 7 Plus has been so high that they have not been able to cover it during that room , generating sales delays and selling fewer devices than they could if they had had enough production. Service revenues, which include the iCloud and Apple Music accounts, continue to rise at a very good pace, reaching 7.170 million dollars.

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