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2017 iPhone models will not have Touch ID

2017 iPhone models will not have Touch ID

The renowned analyst of KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, has issued a report with a series of predictions about the new iPhone models that will see the light throughout this year 2017. In them he talks about the removal of the identification system by fingerprint and some notes on the RAM that the devices will include.

The forecasts of iPhone 8 models that have made in iDrop News present a main novelty. The Touch ID theme is something that will disappear according to the Kuo report. In it, the analyst clearly states that iPhone 8 will not support fingerprint recognition fingerprints, a prediction which some readers of MacRumors They thought it was somewhat ambiguous due to the wording that had been used. Let's look at the extract taken directly from the original Kuo note:

As it seems that the iPhone OLED is not going to be compatible with the fingerprint identification system, we think that it should be passed to a facial recognition system to increase security. Therefore, we think that Apple will be demanding in terms of the quality of the detection in three dimensions, which increases the difficulties in the production of hardware and software.

Without touch ID

Kuo's claim has already been backed by Bloomberg in a report that suggests that the Touch ID will be replaced by an advanced facial recognition technology in the future iPhone 8, thus giving more credit to Kuo's prediction. A second fact suggests that both the iPhone 8 and its accompanying devices will be mounted on glass bodies and a metal frame to facilitate wireless charging functionality according to the WPC standard. This battery charging system is the Wireless Power Consortium, which supports the Qi wireless charging functionality which is built into many Android devices.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo's report, wireless charging is activated through an optional accessory that will be put on sale along with the new iPhones, although it will not be a function available immediately. The Qi wireless charging goes in the same line as the rumors that predict that the iPhone 8 will support inductive charging instead of a true wireless charging function.

Qi wireless charging example

Kuo also states that while the iPhone 8 will include USB-C for greater charging efficiency, it will continue delivering the same 5W power adapter Equipped with a USB-A port, the same that is included with the iPhone today. A USB-A cable to a Lightning port is also included as a standard accessory. This deviates from a prediction made by Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis, who last week said the iPhone 8 could come along with a 10W power adapter with a USB-C connector.

Finally, another of Kuo's predictions has to do with the RAM of the three new iPhone models. In a first message it says that the iPhone 7s of 4.7 inches could include 2 GB of RAM, while the iPhone OLED 8 of 5.8 inches and the iPhone 7s of 5.5 inches would integrate 3 GB of RAM. However, what was left in the inkwell is that he also believes that The DRAM transfer speed of the three new models will be above than that of the iPhone 7 in a percentage that will vary between 10 and 15 percent for better AR performance.

There is less and less time for the new iPhone models to come to light, which are being the subject of thousands of rumors on the Internet. The interesting thing among so much talk is to differentiate those that come from reliable sources, such as these, from those that are simple and crude talk. In the end, the light will only be thrown by the Apple event for the presentation of the new Cupertino phones. The movement of eliminating the recognition of the fingerprint is somewhat risky, but it must be thought that if they do it, it is because they have another biometric identification method prepared to replace it.

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