These are Apple's three new ads showing the features of the iPhone X

These are Apple's three new ads showing the features of the iPhone X

With each new release, especially of the iPhone, the Cupertino boys start up the advertising machinery and start to publish ads where the advantages and novelties of the new models are promoted. Although this year, Apple has released three new models, iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, Only the latter is the one that is focusing Apple's attention in this regard.

The boys of Cupertino have just published on their YouTube channel three new ads that highlight the features of the iPhone X, especially focused on the function offered by the Face ID when unlocking the device and making portraits with the front camera of the device.

The first announcement, titled Open at a glance, shows us how fast the iPhone X offers us thanks to the Face ID, making use of the magic password that we will never forget: the face to later show different faces unlocking the device.

In the second video “Adapts to Your Face”, available for the moment only in the Apple channel aimed at the Canadian public shows us how the system is able to identify the face of the rightful owner, despite using beard, hat, sunglasses, makeup and other facial changes.

In the third video, it shows the operation of the lighting offered by the mode of the new iPhone, a lighting that users can adjust using depth maps and that It is also available on the iPhone 8 Plus, in addition to of course the iPhone X.

These videos are added to those already published by the company at the end of November, most of them also focused on the operation of the Face ID and the newcomers Animojis. As usual, these types of ads are 15 seconds long and are intended to be broadcast on both television and social networks.

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