Discover how to use some features of the new Apple Watch Series 4 with these Apple videos

Apple Watch Series 4 LTE: Unboxing and first impressions

The Apple Watch Series 4 that Apple presented on September 12 is causing a sensation. Since the day of its presentation has monopolized all kinds of praise, something that can not boast all Apple devices, and is that both for its design and its benefits Apple has done a fantastic job in this new generation of Apple Watch.

We tested the Apple Watch Series 4 LTE steel in Jet Black color and 44mm in size. It is the first Apple Watch with eSIM connectivity that arrives in Spain and promises to break the chains that have so far tied to the iPhone at once. We show you his unboxing and the first impressions he has generated.

Improved design with more screen

It is a slightly larger Apple Watch than the previous one (40 and 44mm compared to 38 and 42mm from previous generations), with slightly larger screens thanks to its new frameless design, similar to the new iPhone. The end result is a clock with a 30% larger screen that impresses upon seeing it, because you don't expect those small changes to have such an obvious result. It is not necessary to measure with precision rule, things look better and bigger in this new Apple Watch.

It is also thinner, and with more rounded corners. Months rumored a possible round design of the Apple Watch, we do not know why, and in the end it maintains its rectangular shape, but it is true that with much softer angles. This larger screen area also Apple has made the most of it with new areas that include not only a greater number of complications but also complications with more information. Apple has captured the essence of a smartwatch: see as much information as possible when turning the wrist.

Crown with haptic feedback

By force of using this word on their devices, I think it is not necessary to find a translation into Spanish, which also does not convince me. Apple has added haptic feedback to its crown, so turning it Now we will notice if we are scrolling, as if it were a cogwheel, but it is all a lie. It is like pressing the start button of the iPhone 8 or the trackpad of the MacBook, but it is very well achieved and gives a very good feeling.

The crown also premieres new design with a red circle on the outermost part. Apple seems to have wanted to leave that red button that identified the Apple Watch with LTE connection in Series 3 and has opted for something more discreet for the crown. Personally I think the Jet Black model looks spectacular.

Speaker and microphone improvements

Apple has improved the Apple Watch speaker by increasing its size and giving it 50% more power. It has also passed the microphone to the other side, just between the crown and the side button, thus achieving a better noise reduction in conversations. You can listen to Siri, make calls or use the Walkie-Talkie app with better sound quality, both for you and for those on the other side

In addition to these internal improvements, the Apple Watch series 4 includes a new processor more powerful than that of its predecessors that also optimizes energy consumption more. This is also noted in how applications open. Coming from a Series 2 I have noticed the change very much, now any application opens immediately, without having to wait for the happy little circle turning on the screen.

Health in the spotlight

We already know that the Apple Watch has been the protagonist of numerous news about people who have detected cardiac abnormalities thanks to him. Carrying a heart rate monitor always with you can be very useful, and this will be even more so because it will not only notify you if there are high frequencies (tachycardia), but also if they are too low (bradycardia). We cannot forget the fall detection system You can automatically call the emergency phone if it detects that you have fallen and remain motionless for a while.

To this we must add the system that incorporates allows you to perform an electrocardiogram (ECG) yourself with the simple gesture of putting a finger on the crown of the clock. We already saw it in the presentation but we will have to wait for it to arrive, because at the moment it is limited to the United States and it will be before the end of the year. Hopefully soon get authorization in Europe and we can also enjoy this fabulous function in Spain and other countries.