QardioArm helps you control your blood pressure very easily

QardioArm helps you control your blood pressure very easily

Since the launch of the Apple Health application, the accessories and applications that are appearing to measure our vital signs, monitor our exercise and help us control certain diseases are multiplying. But when we talk about medical devices, we often forget how important their ease of use is as they are validated, that is, they really measure precisely what they say they measure. That is precisely why QardioArm stands out from other medical devices, because It is a blood pressure monitor that allows us to measure our blood pressure quickly and easily, which is integrated with the iOS Health app and is also validated by the FDA, so its accuracy has no discussion.

Automatic configuration

The people of Qardio have made the configuration process accessible to anyone, even if they are not very familiar with gadgets. Thanks to the QardioArm auto-ignition, which connects when we open the sleeve, connect it to our iPhone is as simple as open, accept the link message that appears on the iPhone, and start working. We should only be careful to have the Qardio application installed and have registered with them, of course for free.

Qardio heart health (AppStore Link)

Qardio heart health

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One button to work

From the configuration measuring our tension is very simple. We open the tensiometer, we place the cuff correctly, with the logo facing down and the cuff adjusted to our arm but not tight. Once this is done, we only have to press the only button of the iPhone application and wait for the cuff to first inflate and then deflate, so that When you finish the screen of our iPhone show us the values ​​of asystolic (high), diabolic (low) and heart rate. It is advisable to perform three measurements, separated one minute each, and the application will calculate the average of that day on the measurement chart.

When registering in your account we will keep the history of all the measurements that we have made, being able to see the graph with all the measurements, locate them geographically (home, work, etc.) and even see in a color chart where the result is located so that, in the absence of the doctor interpreting them, at least you have a first assessment of whether the measured values ​​are adequate or not.

The Qardio app for Apple Watch also allows you to monitor the blood pressure monitor, record a new blood pressure measurement and view the records you have stored. Like the iPhone application, it is used to control other accessories of the brand, such as the scale that also integrates with the iOS Health app.

Compact, lightweight and battery operated

QardioArm is very compact, much smaller and lighter than other blood pressure meters, which you have made it perfect to take anywhere or store it in the bedside table drawer. It will not take up more space than a case of sunglasses. In addition you will not need to carry any cables to recharge QardioArm, because it works on batteries. It is strange to find today a gadget that works with four AAA batteries, something that you may like or not because it has its advantages and disadvantages. With batteries included the weight of the device is just 300gr.

Up to eight linked devices

It is a device that you can use for the whole family, since although the application does not allow the multi-user, it does you can link up to eight different devices to QardioArm, and so each one with its own application and with the data integrated in the Health application You will be able to control blood pressure figures, and something that we cannot ignore because it is really useful: share the measurements with your doctor via email. An ideal way to be able to carry out an exhaustive follow-up if necessary.