Guia Utilizar los AirPods

Now available the "Use AirPods" guide for new buyers

Guide Use the AirPods

Yesterday was a great day for some and a nightmare for others. On the one hand, some lucky users were able to buy some AirPods that they will receive from December 20. On the other, we have users who had been waiting for the launch of Apple's wireless headphones for months, they confirmed that they had already arrived late and will have to wait four more weeks. In any case, both the lucky and those who have not been so lucky can already learn how to use the new Apple headphones thanks to the newly launched "Use the AirPods" guide.

The guide is a support page that Apple launched shortly after the first users could buy the AirPods from the Apple Store online. In her They explain to us how to do some things like pairing the headphones with the iPhone, something so simple to unlock the iPhone, open the case of the headphones with these inside, wait for the animation to end and tap on “Connect”.

“Use AirPods,” the user guide for Apple headphones

The support page also includes information so that we understand how the new Cupertino wireless headphones work, such as:

  • The music will start playing automatically when we put them on.
  • If we take off an AirPod, the music will pause; If we take off both of us, the music will stop completely.
  • We will press twice to invoke Siri.
  • When stored in the box, the headphones will start charging.
  • We can charge the case and headphones using a Lightning cable.

It seems that the new page gives us all the necessary information to know everything about the AirPods but, knowing Apple, I am convinced that, when the first users receive them, we will discover new things.

The AirPods are innovative headphones thanks to their smart part and their charging case, but personally I think that they are exaggerating a bit with them. Don't get me wrong, I don't say it isn't worth your purchase, but what I have come to read that ensures that it is the best thing Apple has launched in its history seems excessive to me. What do you think?

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