Neither in front of nor behind, the iPhone 8 may lack Touch ID

Neither in front of nor behind, the iPhone 8 may lack Touch ID

For all tastes, such are the rumors that appear around the fingerprint sensor, Touch ID, of the iPhone 8. On the front of the device integrated in the screen of the same or on the back just below the Apple Apple feature for those (few) who prefer it in that position. But in case there were still people who were not convinced of either of those two locations, now they directly eliminate it. That's what Andy Hargreaves says.

We have already commented on the supposed problems in the manufacture of the iPhone 8 due to the fingerprint sensor integrated in the OLED screen, and how they would be causing more of a headache to Apple because the manufacturing rate with that sensor would not be the desired one, which could cause a delay in the launch or even the change of location. Well, according to this analyst Apple could dispense with the Touch ID completely, an option that seems the least likely of the three given the importance that the Touch ID has reached in the iPhone and its inclusion even in the Mac after the launch of the new MacBook Pro.

Remove the Touch ID on the iPhone 8 and keep it on the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus? It seems an unlikely scenario, especially if we consider that perhaps the following year when solving the manufacturing problems would add it again. Readers have already expressed your opinion on twitter and in the comments to the article we publish about the possible location of the sensor on the back, and it is clear that few (rather nobody) likes that idea. But what about its elimination? Facial recognition is proven not enough, and we don't know if Apple will use an Iris scanner on the iPhone 8. We can only say: "Place your bets."

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