How to manage all devices assigned to your Apple ID

How to manage all devices assigned to your Apple ID

Our Apple ID is the epicenter of all the steps we have to do in the face of our iOS devices, as well as any issue related to guarantees or requests for technical support, so it is important to know well how we can activate and manage our devices assigned to an Apple ID in question.

When you are new to this Apple environment or simply because you have never needed it, it can become a somewhat difficult task, that's why We will show you how you can manage your Apple ID as well as the devices assigned to it in a few simple steps that will make this task as easy as possible.

We must start from a first place explaining: What is our Apple ID? The Apple ID is the account you use to access Apple services such as the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, etc. In addition, you can log in to all Apple services with a single Apple ID and the corresponding password. Unfortunately there are few users who forget the convoluted password that Apple forces us to configure in our Apple ID (which has to induce uppercase, lowercase, numbers and letters at least), which makes it a total pain to activate both a device and download applications through any of its App Store (blessed Touch ID). To access all the management sections of our Apple ID we must access through THIS LINK.

How do I edit or configure my personal data?

Once we have logged in, we already access the section of management of our Apple account. The first section is that of Account data, where we will be able to configure the following parameters:

  • Name and surname
  • Birthdate
  • Location data: email and email accounts
  • Preferred language
  • Country and region of habitual residence

It is advisable that we keep our data updated in this section in order to obtain correct data when making transactions with Apple.

Customize and improve your account security


Within the section security We will be able to manage the four basic configurations that will allow us to provide our account with the necessary security to be able to enjoy our Apple account in good condition. It is important that we manage this section in great detail so as not to lose our account due to some carelessness.

  • Password: Remember that the password must include at least upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers.
  • Recovery Email: It is important that you add here the email of a trusted person, or your own from another provider in case you ever lose your password.
  • Security questions: These are two questions that Apple will ask you on occasion to log in to verify that everything is following normal and there are no account thefts.
  • Dual Factor Authentication: With dual factor authentication, you can only access the account on trusted devices, such as the iPhone, iPad or Mac. When you want to log in to a new device for the first time, you will need to provide two types of information (the password and the six-digit verification code that appears automatically) on your trusted devices.

Manage your devices on your Apple ID

Once inside the configuration area we can access our dispositives, where we will see a miniature of them. When we click on the miniature in question we will be given enough information about it.

  • Serial number and IMEI
  • Operating system version and model
  • Apple Pay management of a stolen device: We will be able to delete Apple Pay data from one of our devices remotely and instantly, thus preventing payments from being made without our consent.

Change payment and shipping information of Apple ID

By last We will be able to manage our payment and shipping methods also in this section of the Apple website. Among other things we have our personal and shipping data, for when we make purchases through the Apple Store (online or in person), as well as our preferred payment method for software products, that is, our credit card assigned to the Apple ID with which we make payments.

How do I manage my Apple ID from the iPhone or iPad?

You can also manage your Apple ID, although to a lesser extent, from your iPhone or iPad. To do this you must go to the application settings, and click on the first of the options, that of our account. Inside we will be able to delimit the same parameters as in the web version, with certain limitations. All this you can configure on your Apple ID from the iPhone (and iPad):