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How to disable double factor authentication of your Apple ID

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Double factor authentication is decisive when it comes to protecting our data and our privacy, it is undoubtedly an effective method to safeguard that information that we consider “sensitive”. Therefore, I always recommend that all users activate this setting. However, there are always those who do not feel comfortable with these measures or consider them excessive, so, We will teach you how to disable double factor authentication on your Apple ID, so you can access your device settings faster, even if the security level will drop significantly.

We go there with the steps we have to follow to disable the double factor authentication of our Apple ID:

  1. We will open the web browser that we use regularly and access the address following:
  2. We must log in to our Apple ID, or the Apple ID to which we have access and want to disable double factor authentication. If you have double factor authentication enabled (the most logical), you will have to perform the usual steps.
  3. Go to the "Security”In the account settings.
  4. In the third section you will find lower right “Disable double factor authentication” or in English “Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication”.
  5. If you press it, it will ask you to add new security questions for your Apple ID, which will replace extra security.
  6. When you are finished you can log out of the website

And that's all. The reality is that it is quite easy to get rid of this added security, but I personally do not recommend users to disable this extra security measure, since in these times, everything we can store with this type of protection will be worth it. However, everyone is free to use the methods they want to protect their privacy.

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