How to customize the Siri dial in watchOS 4

How to customize the Siri dial in watchOS 4

watchOS is not far behind with respect to iOS 11, in fact we could say that all the operating systems that Apple has launched outside iOS 11 have been more effective and optimized. In fact, watchOS 4 has included a series of features that make our Apple Watch more useful if possible. One of them is the sphere of Siri, the intelligent WatchFace.

But for the first time with the device it can be a nuisance to set up something like that, that's why We will show you where are the settings of the Siri dial for watchOS 4 and how you can customize its content.

The first thing is obviously to know that you must be fully linked to your Apple Watch from your iPhone, with the watch on and connected via Bluetooth or the WiFi network. Once all this has been done we are going to go to the section Spheres within the application Watch and we will select Siri's, the first one usually appears in the upper left area. Once inside we will add it to our Apple Watch and choose the complications that best suit our needs, we have already completed the difficult part of the configuration.

As you well know, the new sphere of Siri is going to adapt intelligently to our day to day, but for this we must give access to data sources. As soon as the dial has been charged to our watch for a few seconds, we go to the section My watch and it's going to look like a section just below called Data sources We will activate or deactivate all those applications from which we believe Siri can obtain important information to make our watch more useful, that will depend on what we need at a specific time, but nor we recommend leaving everything activated for logical reasons of battery consumption.

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