Each of the Apple Maps service for a few hours

Each of the Apple Maps service for a few hours

All the users are being affected by the fall of Apple Maps for a few hours this afternoon. It is true that the service seems to be restored and everything seems to work normally now, the problem seems to reside when adding an address to mark the route, a store or browse the map with directions of any kind.

Falls of this type are quickly solved in Apple to annoy users as little as possible, but in this case it seems that the problem is important and We continue with the problem in Maps. Obviously there are so many people who use it that it is normal for them to reach social networks or the media when they run out of service but in this case being a prolonged problem the complaints are magnified on the network.

It is not the first time this happens in Apple Maps

And it will not be the last. Like other services of the Cupertino company, Apple Maps is susceptible to server crashes and when this happens users trying to access can not. For now, the ruling seems serious and we had not had a problem that lasted as long as in this case, we will see what they take to solve it …

According to the company's website since past 14 today that the service was affected by a problem and they were working on it. Apple Maps really remains somewhat inferior in terms of the service offered by Google Maps or Waze in Spain, but Hopefully the company will continue to work and improve them so we don't have to rely on third-party applications.

The service is still down right now …

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