As an Apple ID and its associated content is temporarily deleted

As an Apple ID and its associated content is temporarily deleted

The new Data Protection law comes into force tomorrow and with it all companies and services are updating their policies to adapt them to the new legislation. Apple also has to adapt to this measure taken by the European Union to try to better protect user data by giving them more autonomy when sharing data.

In this article we are going to teach you permanently delete an Apple ID, with all its data and files that it contains in any of the platforms of the big apple. So far all we could do was deactivate the account, But Apple has added this particular tool that will serve many users.

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What does it mean to temporarily delete an account?

Apple has developed a section within its website in which we can consult a lot of information about what information they have in our account, and we can Download a report with all that information. It is very useful to know to what extent Apple has our information and hopefully safe. All the tools that are being created for the elderly promote user privacy and the ability to control what data we share and what data we want to be in the hands of large companies.

On this occasion, the option of Temporarily delete your Apple ID. But this concept is a bit global. Here we show you what this action means for your devices and of course, for the account you plan to delete:

  • The Apple ID, account details and associated data will be permanently deleted from Apple servers. You cannot access any service or log in to any device.
  • The photos, videos or documents that are stored in iCloud will be permanently deleted, nor will calls or messages be received in iMessage or FaceTime. It is produced a total disconnection with apple services.
  • With the elimination we prevent Apple from being able to reactivate the account in case we want to have it available again. If we want to reactivate it we will have to disable it temporarily, which is not the same as remove it temporarily, In other articles we will explain step by step the first procedure.

Recommendations before completely removing your Apple ID

From the privacy division of Apple we recommend taking a series of precautions before performing a process that It will be irreversible. It is important that we be aware that when we delete the account, the information will disappear temporarily and we will not be able to access it. Some recommendations:

  • Log out of all the devices where you have it started (by deactivating the activation block of Search my iPhone first) and logging out of iCloud in all those services that have synchronized it.
  • Save backup copies of both iOS and macOS, as well as all the information you think you have on any Apple service
  • Download purchases without DRM, in addition to all the content you have in iTunes libraries as they will also be deleted.

Mainly, check all the content you think you have in Apple services and make a backup or at least make sure that that information is in another storage cloud, hard drives, etc.

First of all … Apple limits disposal to certain countries

Being a new function, its operation and adaptation is still being tested, especially in the face of users They cannot make mistakes in order to lose information. All these functions that we are talking about are only available in the territory of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein but Apple ensures that will make available to all users the privacy functions so that everyone can have access to the information that Cupertino knows about us and, in this case, to delete your Apple ID if that is what you want.

In the coming months we will see how the United States and other countries such as Australia or New Zealand acquire these privacy tools, as they have announced.

Procedure to delete your Apple ID

At this point, we show you the steps to permanently delete your Apple account or Apple ID:

  1. Access the control panel of your Apple ID and access it, through two-step verification.
  2. Swipe the web until you see the privacy section, you will access the new portal and you will have to log in again and enter the password again to verify that you are the owner of the account.
  3. In the left column we will see the tool searched: Delete your account
  4. Apple informs us of what the process we are going to start means and offers us the tips that you can find a few paragraphs above this article.
  5. Swipe down and select the reason why you want to permanently delete your account.
  6. Accept the subsequent information and you will access the regulations governing this deletion of your account permanently. You will have to to accept before you can continue with the process.
  7. Next you will have to choose a method of communication with Apple to inform you about the course of the request to completely delete your Apple ID and the documents that are hosted on the account. You can choose a different email or a phone number.
  8. It will show us a very important key that we will have to save since it is the password which allows us to communicate with Apple Support to change your mind and revoke the request or know its status.
  9. In the new screen we will have to enter the password that we have been given before to confirm that we have it stored either in print or in a safe place, safely in case we need to access the request later.
  10. Finally, we will have to confirm that we want to delete the account pressing on the red button.
  11. Ready. You have deleted your Apple ID and all the information that was associated with it.

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