Wallapop is updated and chat improves noticeably

Wallapop is one of the fashion applications in Spain, and its global expansion is taking place with fantastic statistics. The Wallapop phenomenon has even reached television, the truth is that every time the application is updated with more improvements. The Wallapop chat is one of its key pieces and at the same time the worst developed, however, in this last update it seems that they have put a definitive solution to chat problems. We tell you what are the novelties of this latest update of Wallapop for iOS.

Not only have we encountered improvements at the development level, which make the application move faster and more fluidly, but also have made a slight touch up to most of the icons that we were around the application, this is the list of news of the application, Very Wallapop style:

We wanted to put some game spoiler of Thrones, but Hodor has anticipated us. So let’s get to the mess.

Do you know those updates that seem to be of no use and there is nothing new? Well, this is not one of them. Our designers are full and have renewed the app’s icons and created their own typography. Welcome to Wallie! Now the app will look cleaner and will be the beginning of a few more changes. Keep your eyes wide open 😉

We continue to implement improvements in our customer service section of the app. Sonia was worried and asked our technicians for incredible improvements to make it easier to answer your questions. And in those we are, you will notice.

As for the chat, the loading of conversations has been implemented in a paginated way. That for everyone to understand it means that the first load of your conversations will be faster.

We have fixed internal things, applied improvements, corrected errors and many other things that are not seen, but that bring technicians crazy. They have even set up a separate office to be quieter.

These improvements will come with some inconvenience, we have stopped supporting iOS7 to improve stability in the most recent versions of the OS and left the app only in Spanish and English at the moment, to add more languages ​​soon. We hope it is not a very big inconvenience and that they serve to make everything go smoothly.

Y Luckily they haven’t left us any Game of Thrones spoiler, they have behaved well. Some will cry to the sky because they have stopped supporting iOS 7, but the reality is that it is a way to improve the application and make it lighter, without dragging previous versions. The truth is that I am a regular Wallapop user, although it is quite difficult to find something that is really worth it, due to the huge amount of users that are there and who do not know the second-hand market quite well, or have no interest in sell (or worse, they only intend to buy at bargain prices), however, some time I have found something interesting, or most importantly, I have sold a lot of electronic products through it, about twelve.

The application occupies only 40.8 MB and one of its main problems is the consumption of data. At least, now they have improved the chat, allowing us to send links, something that could not be done before, besides the messages seem to flow for the first time instantaneously, which will finally prevent us from having to share our phone number to use others Courier services. However, we still cannot send photos through chat, a negative point, since most of the chats that open are precisely to request more photographs of the article, since most usually put or very few, or really bad photographs . So if you have not yet joined the Wallpop phenomenon, it is a good time.

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