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VLC and PLEX will reach the new Apple TV

Much has been said about everything new that brings Apple TV, its new remote, SIRI, more RAM, its new tvOS interface, and the possibility of installing applications thanks to Apple's famous App Store.

That last little detail, and the announcement that VLC, one of the largest video players in the world (no matter the format) and PLEX (a similar content organization service), have just announced versions for the new Apple TV, just to revolutionize the internet and interest in the new Apple team.

It is very possible that if you have an iPad, an iPhone or even a Mac you have installed one of the versions of the VLC to see your favorite movies and know how it works, now imagine that it is on your Apple TV and you can see any video format directly in your TV without the need for AirPlay and its restrictions on content mirroring.

On the other hand, PLEX will put our entire multimedia content library on the site where it deserves, our Apple TV, where we can manage, view and enjoy all our movies and videos, as Scott Olechowski, co-founder of Plex, stated:

«There is no doubt we will be able to offer PLEX for this platform, we are evaluating the best way forward and we will begin to work seriously once we have evaluated all the options.»

"Our goal is that people can enjoy Plex on the hardware platforms of their choice, and there is no doubt that this will be a superior platform for us."

Of course, the long-awaited news of watching an Apple TV with an integrated App Store is beginning to bring many pleasant surprises … who knows what will be the next application to take the step!