The Fortnite Playground return tomorrow

The Fortnite Playground return tomorrow

Fornite has become a success on all platforms where it is available today, which are all except Android, platform that should arrive throughout this summer, the company announced a few weeks ago. Earlier this month, Fornite released a new game mode called Playground, Playground in English, a place where less experienced users can practice with their friends.

But I conformed came to the platform, disappeared a few days later, yes, with the commitment that he would return very soon. The developer, Epic Games, announced yesterday that the acclaimed Playground will be available again tomorrow with important news compared to the previously available version.

This new version of Playground, so that we hope to return to stay and not disappear as it did before, will come with new options when it comes to creating teams, much more loot than we could find in the previous version and in passing, also they will add the golf carts, They arrived at the game with the new season pass, some golf carts, which are quite complicated to control.

But while the new playground in Fortnite arrives, today the first anniversary of the game is celebrated, a game that has become a mass success in recent months, especially since adopting Battle Royale mode, a way in which only one player or team of the 100 who participate in each battle can remain.

To celebrate the first anniversary, the company plans to celebrate a series ofand events with important rewards for all those players who complete them. These events will be available until August 7, so there is plenty of time to enjoy them and get important rewards.

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