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The FIVE best applications to make photo mosaics on Instagram

Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter have been a revolution in communicating, sharing and discovering new things. Some have been able to evolve and adapt to the new needs of users, while others are giving up their position to new more visual and interactive applications, such as Instagram.The application of the postureo par excellence, where users are putting their best images (whether photographs or videos) of food, personal, sports activities or any other theme that we can imagine, that will be seen by hundreds or thousands of followers who will see and comment Everything we publish.

As we know that many of you are crazy about having a feedon Instagram that looks very professional to get more followers. You may be looking for the best applications to make photo mosaics on Instagram. That is why we have decided to make a list with the FIVE best applications that you will be able to find in the App Store for your iPhone or iPad.

The FIVE best applications to make photo mosaics on Instagram

One of the favorite applications of the most demanding users that allow us to make mosaics with which to give another air to our Instagram account. With it we can choose several photos at once, it is free and does not leave any watermark in our compositions.

One of the best applications to divide rectangular or panoramic photos into several square photos and upload them to Instagram to impress your profile visitors. An application with purchases that are activated automatically and that you will have to control if you do not want unexpected charges (you did not miss our article to manage subscriptions).

A great application to make mosaics on Instagram that adds a couple of extra features. With it we can also make collage to our mosaics, adding shapes, colors or messages to give a more personal touch to the images of our profiles.

Add effects, work live with photos already published on your profile or even bring the images of your other social networks to Instagram with this fast and intuitive iPhone application. Giant square It's all that and much more, since we even allow us to make custom collage to use as and when we want.

Mosaics, collage, colors and text in a free application (with watermark), or paid if you wanted the version of this complete application. We recommend the full version, but for those of you who want to try it first this is your app.

FIVE applications to create photo mosaics inInstagramwith which to give a more professional and interesting air to your profiles, where you can highlight these incredible sunsets, the skylineof all those cities you visit or even those dishes of food so minimalist that you know whether they are real or not. Did you dare to try any of them? Tell us what you think!