Richard Gere may be the protagonist of the next Apple series

Richard Gere may be the protagonist of the next Apple series

In recent months, we are seeing how the Cupertino boys have stepped on the accelerator so that their streaming video service reaches the market as soon as possible, as long as the date announced by The Wall Street Journal, March 2019, is in which Apple announces its new service for all Apple users.

According to the CNBC, Apple is negotiating the purchase of the rights of the Nevelot series (or Bastards a series of dramatic and violent that would star in actor Richard Gere, who is precisely married to a Spanish woman. The series would be written and directed by the creator of HomelandHoward Gordon, and of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Warren Leight

According to this medium, Apple is fighting for rights with Showtime, FX and Amazon. Both Gordon and Leight would adapt the series to the American market and probably change the title. It is especially striking that Apple wants to offer such content within its platform, since according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple wants to produce original content that does not contain sex, violence, heartbreaking stories or blasphemy to try not to stain its image branded. In addition, according to this medium, all the content you produce must be suitable for display in the Apple Store.

Apple is looking for “different” content as long as be relevant and not free. In addition, according to the latest reports, Apple is experimenting with interactive content such as long-term vision. One of the most anticipated series that Apple is producing and which stars Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston already has a name: Top of the Morning, a series that shows the humorous operation of a news channel that is broadcast by mornings

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