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"Osmo" the real iPad game for real children

There is much talk today about the bad influence that iPads and iPhones have on our children, society's fear of advancing and seeing how today's children are able to handle something that they take months or even years to learn, It makes them demonize technology and its uses.

On the other hand, it is true that today's parents should pay more attention to the intellectual development of their children, through real problems in a real world, sharing and interacting with other children to learn certain social values ​​and not only put very colorful images on tablets that keep children paralyzed as zombies until bedtime.

Luckily for everyone there is a company, Californian again, and formed by parents of Stanford and Google who have created OSMO, which are collecting goes Crowdfunding The way to get your big project ahead.

At the moment the idea was presented on May 22 to raise the 50,000 dollars they need to produce it, so they offer a discount of up to 50% if we support them through their website

What is OSMO?

Osmo is a new entertainment system for children that unites the best of both worlds, on the one hand all the positive of the new technologies that walk an infinite world of possibilities in a single team, and on the other the values ​​and development necessary to Children of today, where they will do exercises of collaboration, imagination, recognition and more with other real children.

Osmo consists of a platform to hold the iPad, a mobile application and a camera with a reflective artificial intelligence system that converts any object of real life into digital, thus allowing a huge world of possibilities, capturing from a stick to a marker or a currency and turning it into an interactive object.

Osmo setup

Game Types

Once both pieces have been installed and the application launched, Osmo has three different types of games (sold separately or in a package) that are intended to develop areas and capacities different from children between 6 and 12 years old.

Osmo Newton:

Osmo Newton, is without a doubt for us one of the best games, since convert everything what we put on the sheet of paper (a drawing included) in a structure that will become part of the game to guide balls to their goal, with which the @ @ s can let their imagination fly.

Osmo Newton

Osmo Tangram:

A game of building parts in which they will have to explore the skill with their masters and that of their companions to solve the different types of Puzzles that are found, revealing once overcome, new maps and more complicated puzzles.

Osmo tangram

Osmo Words:

With words the boys they will learn to solve puzzles, guess the words and improve their reaction speed before the clues that are offered to them, thus helping to foster compaerism, reading comprehension and strategy.

Osmo words

Many have been scientists and professors what are praising the benefits of this kind of games for children, more social games with different values ​​than the «Zombifiers» (If I have invented it) that can be found today in the App Store.