OnePlus 5 certifies the same copy of the iPhone 7 design

OnePlus 5 certifies the same copy of the iPhone 7 design

I have not yet tired of hearing the classic on many occasions: “Bah, the design of the iPhone no longer tells me anything, they carry too many refritos from the iPhone 6". To say that Apple has innovated in mobile phone design in recent years is to lie, almost as much as to say that the iPhone 6 is not exactly one of the ugliest models that Cupertino's company has launched. However, the device seems to have a brutal success, both in sales and in the face of competition, and that is … if something works, why change it?

That is what the many companies that save hundreds of thousands of euros in design must think, although it is true that the vast majority of them are of Chinese origin and with few sales in Europe and North America, now OnePlus 5 has arrived to show us once again that Apple remains the clear reference in design and utility.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is spectacular, a welcome idea of ​​the Xiaomi Mi Mix, but taken to the extreme and with fantastic results. It is clear that in design issues Samsung has taken the cat to the water the last two years and that Apple is still betting on continuity. But nevertheless… Why do companies keep copying Apple? It seems a clear guarantee of success.

OnePlus has spared no shame for this task, a matte black device with an arrangement aligned exactly the same as that of the iPhone 7. The situation of the double camera, the situation of the dual tone flash, the front camera, but wait, it is what Even the OnePlus logo is placed in the same place and with the same bright hue that Apple gives its logo of the bitten apple on the iPhone 7. If you put a case on both devices, they will be really difficult to identify. In fact, according to the first information, the One Plus will also have a fingerprint reader on the front and bottom of the device, although this is logical, and we could say that even comfortable.

It is not the first, and we are sure that it will not be the last device, regardless of its origin, which will include this type of design.

It is not the first time it happens

There are brands, many, that do not cut a hair in launching designs almost identical to those that the good of Jony Ive works in his studio (well … it is not so much). In fact, one of the most brazen iPhone 6 clones that we know has precisely a good reception in the market, we start with the Umi Z, a device that in its back and side is almost identical to the device of the Cupertino company. This Umi Z is around 300 and does not have bad specifications, 4GB of RAM, a processor of no less than ten MediaTek Helio X27 cores and 5.5 inches Full HD, in addition to the fingerprint reader.

But not everything goes back to Chinese brands of little international draft, HTC, a brand currently in decline, if not almost dead, offered us the HTC One A9, Very difficult to differentiate in its back part of an iPhone 6, except that the camera had a central arrangement, and because of the marked differences in symmetry. In fact, HTC hurt so much that they accused her of copying Apple, who ventured to say that it was Apple who copied them. The good Jony Ive was not inspired that day, what are we going to do …

Then we have to Lenovo, with its Sisley model, The Chinese brand tried too, although sometimes even copying was difficult enough in these companies. This is without a doubt, and although I do not especially like it, the nth confirmation that the iPhone and Apple continue to command the design lines. Hard to say when Samsung presents a real beauty like the Galaxy S8, but seeing what comes behind, It seems that companies prefer to go to the safe bet (Apple's design) than innovation (the Galaxy S8).

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