Last minute gifts for Valentine's Day

Last minute gifts for Valentine's Day

Surely many of you still have nothing clear what you can give on the day of lovers to your partner, and time is pressing. That is why we have prepared a selection of products that if you hurry you can still receive the same day 14 from Amazon, and that you can buy from now sitting comfortably on your sofa, yes, without seeing the receiver.

Perfect accessories for any Apple user who surely loves them, and also of all prices to fit all pockets. Speakers, headphones, Apple Watch straps, tactile gloves … all kinds of perfect accessories so that this Valentine's Day is not a disaster.

Nothing better than a black steel strap that fits perfectly in the 42mm Apple Watch, and also has the interesting price of € 24.99 on Amazon. Delivery for the 14th day if you are a premium customer but do not delay and buy it now from the link.

We also have options for the 38mm Apple Watch, such as This Milanese strap is available in rose gold and silver, and is priced at € 18.99 And it will also arrive on time for Valentine's Day by buying from this link.

And now that it is so cold it never hurts to have gloves that work with a touch screen but do not have those horrible white tips on the fingers. Mujjo has many models in different materials, but we have selected these two that will arrive just by February 14 If you hurry to buy them.

  • Men's gloves large size € 23.68 (link)
  • Women gloves small and medium size € 9.99 (link)

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<p>Do you want to give away some AirPods but your Apple store does not have them available? In the Apple Store the delivery date right now is more than a week, <strong>so if you want to receive them on the same day 14 you will have to resort to Amazon</strong> even if it is paying € 4 more than it costs in the official store. You can buy them for € 183 from this <span style=link

If yours is listening to music as a couple, nothing better than un 40W speaker, compatible with AirPlay, DLNA, Spotify and a very current retro design. It has WiFi connectivity and the possibility of MultiRoom if you buy several speakers, and only for € 169. Available in this link.

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