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How to free up space on iPhone with automatic deletion of iOS 11 applications

With the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple put an end to the ridiculous storage space offered so far, from 16 rickety GB to 32 GB, a figure that is not to throw rockets but gives more room to maneuver the users. But with the launch of the iPhone, Apple has re-modified storage capacities, offering Two versions: 64 GB and 256 GB, just like the iPhone X.

But despite having expanded the storage space, Apple has added a new feature so that we can regularly get extra space on our iPhone or iPad. This function automatically deletes the applications that We have not used recently.

Many of us are users who, with the nonsense of "I'm going to try it", download a large number of applications and in most cases we forget to delete later, occupying a space that we could use for other purposes such as photographs or videos. Apple is aware of this habit by users and offers us an option that will handle detect those applications that we have not used in a while and proceed to delete them, yes, keeping the data of it in case we download it again.

Enable automatic application deletion

  • First we go to Settings.
  • Within Settings, we search iTunes Store and App Store and press.
  • In the menu that appears next, the section Automatic downloads, where we can configure the device so that Music Books and Applications are automatically downloaded to that device if we buy them in another one associated with the same ID. We also found the option to make use of mobile data for automatic downloads and automatic playback of videos from the App Store.
  • At the end of that menu, we find the option Uninstall unused apps. When activating this switch, iOS 11 will examine our device and proceed to delete applications that we have not used in a while, conversing the data if we download it again.

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