How to configure AirPods controls in iOS 11

How to configure AirPods controls in iOS 11

The AirPods have been one of Apple's most praised products in recent years. Its compact size, more than acceptable audio quality and excellent autonomy make that, together with the “magic” of automatically connecting to all your Apple devices, those who buy them are more than satisfied with them.

But nevertheless they have a great flaw, unforgivable for many: poor controls. Apple opted for Siri to control reproduction, but we are not yet accustomed to speaking to a virtual assistant, much less in the street or in public. With iOS 11 Apple allows us to customize the controls of each headset independently, leaving more or less covered the demands of most in this regard. We explain how to do it.

As we show you in the video it is very fast and simple to configure these controls. With the AirPods connected to our iPhone we must access the Device Settings and look for our AirPods in the “Bluetooth” menu. As the devices are sorted alphabetically they will appear in the first positions of the list, and we will click on the “i” that appears on the right. We insist that it is essential that the AirPods are connected to the iPhone or iPad, because otherwise those customization options will not appear.

Once inside we will see all the customization options that are offered to us, such as the name change or the activation or not of the automatic ear detection. In the middle part we see the controls of each AirPod, and there we can choose for each one, independently, up to five options, including the possibility that nothing happens. Personally I would choose the option to move forward or backward on the track, since starting or pausing playback occurs automatically when you remove a headset from your ear. We lack the possibility of increasing or decreasing volume, which for now we will have to continue to use Siri for it.

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