How to activate automatic updates on iOS 12

How to activate automatic updates on iOS 12

Every new version that Apple releases from iOS, it is always advisable to install it, as long as we do not want to suffer any stability or security problem that has been detected since the last update. Logically, jailbreak users are the first to pass this issue, since it means losing the coveted jailbreak, which is costing him lately.

Many users are running immediately to install the latest version available at that time, just be released by Apple, something that never recommended, since we run the risk of making a guinea pig and that our terminal begins to experience problems of any kind, so it is always advisable to wait a few hours, to read the first positive reports.

If you are one of the users who always has the latest version of iOS and who is worried about checking if Apple has released a new update, you may stop obsessing about it with the next version of iOS, number 12. iOS 12 offers us a function with which we can enable automatic iOS updates. When activated, our iPhone will automatically check and install all new iOS versions that the Cupertino-based company launches.

Turn on automatic updates on iOS 12

Activating automatic updates in iOS 12 is a very simple process, like most customization functions offered by iOS, a process that we detail below.

  • First we go to Settings.
  • Within Settings, click on general and later on Software updates.
  • If we do not have any updates, pending will only seem like the option Automatic Updates. Clicking on it will show a switch that we must activate so that all the updates that Apple launches from iOS are automatically installed in our terminal without having to interact with it at any time.

These updates will be installed always at night and when our terminal is charging and connected to a Wifi network.

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