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Apple Keynote on September 12 where we will see new iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Apple has confirmed its Keynote for September 12. One of the most important events of the year for users and lovers of the Apple brand, in which Apple taught us its new iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. New equipment that will incorporate the latest in technology and innovation in which the entire Apple team has been working for the last year.

If the WWDC is the most important event of the company for application and software developers, and where we discover every year the new operating systems of Apple equipment. The Apple keynote September is the event that generates more expectation among its users, where we discover the new Apple equipment.

If, like us, you want to see the Apple keynote live to see EVERYTHING that Apple has prepared on September 12, but you don't know how to do it. We explain how you can see it depending on your team and what time to do it depending on the country where you live.

How to watch Apple's Keynote live

How to watch the Appleun iPhone or iPad event

Both the iPhone and iPad have become tools for content consumption, and also the best system to follow the Apple keynote regardless of whether we are in the office, on the bus or even from the gym while we run. Simply access from Safari (it does not work in Chrome or Firefox), to the Apple events page and click on play at the exact time.

How to watch the Apple event from a Mac

If you are going to see the Apple keynote From your Mac device (MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro or even your indestructible Mac Mini), you can do it through the events page that Apple always has available for all Apple Events.

It is enough that at the scheduled time of the pulsis event play in the embedded video, to follow Apple's keynote live.

How to watch the Apple event from an Apple TV

Much easier and more comfortable is to see the Apple keynote from our Apple TV. Simply turn on the Apple TV and look for the Apple events application that will appear on the screen of our computer as one more application. So it is a matter of 5 minutes before the time of the Keynote, prepare some popcorn and something to drink to fully enjoy EVERYTHING that Apple has to offer.

What time is Apple's Keynote

As usual, ALL Apple events are at 10:00 AM West Coast time in the US. As we do not want you to start looking for what time it will be in your country, we leave you a list so that you know the exact time at which the Apple Keynote begins depending on where you live.

  • Spain: 19:00
  • Canary Islands: 18:00
  • Mexico: 12:00
  • Argentina / Rio de Janeiro / Sao Paulo: 14:00
  • Chile and Venezuela: 13:00
  • Colombia / Ecuador / Per: 12:00
  • USA (West Coast): 10:00
  • USA (East Coast): 13:00

TWELVE days remain only to see the latest in technology, so mark that date in your calendars so you don't miss anything !!