patente iphone curvado

Apple is awarded the iPhone patent with surround screen

curved iphone patent

The patent which we are going to talk about for a long time now circulating on the network. The current news (yesterday, to be exact) is that Apple has awarded it. The patent in question showed an iPhone with curved and enveloping screen that did not leave anyone indifferent at the time, something of the most logical if we consider that it shows a design, say, peculiar. In any case, keep in mind that patents must show drawings that can be easily understood and the final design may vary.

Years ago, Samsung introduced its first “Edge” model, that is, the Galaxy Note that had one of the curved edges and where certain content could be accessed. Later they released what was once known as "Double Edge", which is what they are using today. What this patent suggests is that Apple intends to launch a device with a surround screen that not only could it do the same as Samsung's curved edges, but it would also have a screen in the front and another in the back.

Apple plans to launch an iPhone with a 360º screen, according to this patent

The patent is titled "Consumer electronic product that includes at least one transparent housing and flexible display". The drawing that accompanies this patent shows a device in which the only thing that is not screen are the top and bottom, the sensors, the front camera and the loudspeaker for calls being on the top, because we don't have to forget that these devices are still called “Telephones”. In the application for this patent, Apple used a very generic language, but any iPhone News reader will have realized that what is drawn on the screen of the device is clearly iOS, with some square icons with rounded edges on the springboard and Some in the dock.

As I mentioned earlier, the current news is that Apple has won the patent, but it was filed 5 years ago. That is the reason why we see the iPod icon (before the “Music” application was “iPod”) and the connector is an elongated base more similar to the 30-pin connector present up to the iPhone 4s than the Lightning that was presented in 2012 next to the iPhone 5.

Another detail that attracts attention is that the iPhone that shows this patent has no start button. An hour ago we published a story in which we saw an alleged iPhone 7 that would include it, but tactile, that is, it would not sink. According to this design, Apple would already be working on an iPhone without a start button since 2011 at least, which makes us think that the idea of ​​eliminating it does not come from the new CEO and his team, if not from the previous CEO, Jobs. What remains to be known is whether we will see an iPhone with a surround screen and, if we do, when.

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