Apple is already working on solving the latest vulnerability detected in bluetooth connections

Last year, it was announced that Wi-Fi networks that use the WPA2 protocol had a vulnerability that allowed friends of others to access these types of networks, a protocol that was theoretically the most secure. Apple hastened to release an update for all its devices They will not be affected by this security problem.

Once again a security problem has been detected that affects bluetooth connections, a vulnerability that Apple is already working on. This vulnerability, detected by Intel, allows friends of others to access the device by intercepting traffic and sending fake pairing messages between two devices affected by this vulnerability.

This vulnerability affects the connections and bluetooth controllers of Apple, Broadcom, Intel and Qualcomm, but not those of Microsoft, according to the company based in Redmond. In the statement in which Intel announced this vulnerability we can read:

A vulnerability in Bluetooth pairing potentially allows an attacker with physical proximity (in a range of 30 meters) to gain unauthorized access through an adjacent network, intercept traffic and send fake pairing messages between two vulnerable Bluetooth devices.

As the BleepingComputer guys explain to us, the devices with bluetooth, they are not validating the encryption parameters sufficiently on secure bluetooth connections, which causes a weak pairing that can be exploited by an attacker to gain access to data sent between two devices.

According to the Bluetooth Special Interest Grup, who is responsible for the development of this technology, many users are not likely to be affected Because of this vulnerability, Apple is still working to launch a patch to solve this problem. This vulnerability affects both bluetooth devices and devices with bluetooth LE (low consumption).

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