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Apple faces more than 60 lawsuits for intentionally slowing the iPhone

The legal battle that confronts Apple against a large number of lawsuits to intentionally slow down older iPhone to incentivize customers to renew their device It will take place in a court near Apple's headquarters in California, at least a portion of what has been filed today in the United States.

The justice department is considering the consolidation of dozens of complaints related to the operation of the iPhone filed at a single hearing scheduled for March 29 in Atlanta, Georgia, following the same procedure when facing lawsuits from multiple states.

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Apple currently It faces more than 60 class action lawsuits in 16 district courts in the United States. 30 of them are carried by Judge Edward J. Davila, of the Northern District of California, who wants to manage them jointly and centralized in one, since most of them claim more or less the same.

But Apple is not facing only demands in its own country, but At least six countries have also made different demands, demands that can cost you very expensive due to the lack of transparency of the company, since it hid the feature that reduced the operation of devices with batteries in poor condition.

All demands have been prepared since the end of December, the date on which Apple officially confirmed that the performance of some device was automatically reduced having implemented a feature of iOS 10.2.1 that is responsible for testing the operation and reduce performance if necessary to prevent the user from suffering sudden blackouts of your terminal.

Since now, Apple has opened a worldwide battery replacement program for all terminals, starting with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, for 29 euros, as long as the devices do not pass the test carried out by the company. Such has been the demand that Apple has had to replace the batteries, that the waiting list in some countries is several months, due to the shortage of batteries.

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