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Apple allow gift giving in-app purchases of applications / games

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For a while now, we have seen how most of the game studios have gone to in-app purchases. In the case of applications, developers opt for a subscription system that everyone does not like. It is clear that technology is changing but it may be doing so at a pace which we just don't get used to Many users

Apple always we has allowed to give away applications, games, music or any other product You sell through their online stores, but do not buy them in applications or games. In a move to adapt to the new market that has been generated, Apple will allow users to give away in-app purchases.

According to MacRumors, Apple has changed the guidelines that all developers must follow if they want their applications / games to be available in the App Store, offering the possibility of giving away purchases within applications / games.

Before change, Apple's guidelines claimed that Applications should not directly or indirectly allow giving away content, features or consumable items to others.. After change you can read: applications can allow giving away to other items are eligible within the applications. These gifts will only be refunded to the original purchaser and cannot be exchanged.

Despite this change in the App Store guidelines, It is not yet known how it will work. There is no specific mention of how Apple will implement all this. You may implement it through the App Store interface in the section where each application shows us the different types of purchases it offers.

For now We do not know when Apple plans to implement this function and that it is available to the end user, something that should not take long if you want to take advantage of the pull of Christmas sales that also shows in the purchases of applications and games.

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