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With the miDGT app you can take your driving license on your iPhone

The bank account, credit card, our notebook or our video game center. Our mobile terminal has become our operations center For a few years now. So much so, that the vast majority of users, including me, will have a serious problem if they do not have their smartphone for a single day. But if this wasn't enough, now also we can take our driving license on our iPhone with full official validity.

This is miDGT

Driving license

Through its official magazine, the DGT has announced the launch of the miDGT app, a service that will allow you to carry your driving license on your iPhone totally legal. In addition to the driver's license, we can also load in this application the driving licenses of our car or motorcycle.

This app also allows users to access to the data registered in traffic, receive notices and any news of interest on road safety. Of course, you can also perform any type of process such as paying fines or responding to any type of notification.

Available for iOS and Android

SmarthphonesGalaxy S10 transmitting power to another Samsung smartphone by Power Share | Source: CNBC

Although there is no official confirmation yet Regarding the launch date, the DGT Management has informed that the application is in a trial period and that it is available to all citizens as soon as possible.

This new service will be available for iOS and Android, in addition to other platforms still to be confirmed. Definitely, miDGT is a step forward by the Public Administration to join the digitalization process in which multiple organizations such as banks, private companies or even the Tax Agency itself are already immersed.

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